Stairs and Railing

Here at Mercer Floor & Home we have partnered with a local stair and railing supplier that has chosen to focus on durability, quality, safety, and beauty. Through that partnership we can offer our clients the ability to change out their railing systems and reface their steps with wood treads and risers. There are several advantages to doing a stair refacing as opposed to a complete replacement, with the most significant being cost.

Here are some of those advantages:
  • Saves money: In many cases a refacing will cost around half the price of doing a total replacement.
  • Variety: We have several wood species and colors to choose from to ensure a great look, and we can match your railing with your steps.
  • Stylish: We can do everything from ornamental to basic, and can mix and match metal or wood balusters to either blend with your existing wood floors or provide that striking contrast!